Who is Viking Paper?

Viking Paper was established in 1969 in İzmir - Aliağa as Turkey's "first private sector paper factory". The firm commenced operations with an initial annual production capacity of 13.500 tons of single-glazed wrapping, printing, and laminating paper in 1971. Then, in 1982, the growth of Viking Paper started to accelerate after joining Yaşar Group. Production activities have gained momentum with the launch of modernization efforts of the company.

Viking Paper grew rapidly after joining Yaşar Group in 1982 and entered the cleaning paper industry in 1996. Today, it has an annual production capacity of 45,800 tons. Viking Paper which adopts sustainable quality as a main principle offers products to the domestic and global consumer markets with its wide range consisting of toilet paper, towels, napkins, box tissues and wet towels. Viking Paper developing innovative products that meet various demands and needs of consumers in both channels, realizes the distribution of products to more than 20 dealers and 200 direct sales outlets in Turkey effectively. 

With its strong brands and more than 80 products, Viking Paper exceeds the expectations of different consumer segments. The company differentiates from the competitors thanks to its innovative identity and eco-friendly applications in the tissue sector. As Viking Paper has been closely following the industry and consumer dynamics, it develops many innovative products in line with the needs and expectations of its customers through the strong R & D capabilities. The company has led innovative technologies including the first cotton-added toilet paper, the first 3-ply toilet paper, the first aloe vera-added toilet paper and the first selective leaf towel in its industry.

Along with the awareness of fulfilling its responsibilities to humans and nature; Viking Paper is committed to producing with the principles of process efficiency, product quality, customer satisfaction and environmental awareness. The firm believes that “human” is the main power behind the sustainable growth. It aims to achieve productivity and profitability by adopting a customer/consumer-oriented approach and information technology based production.

Constantly raising its quality standards in production, activities of Viking Paper has been certified by international independent authorities. Viking Paper helps preventing the cutting of 310,000 trees a year in average with the recycled paper processing (de-inking) plant which is a first in the tissue paper sector in Turkey established in 2000. Since then, the company has contributed to save 6 million trees thanks to its advanced recycling technology. In addition, corporate carbon footprint and water footprint have been calculated since 2015. Viking Paper develops projects aiming to reduce carbon emissions and also reports footprint calculations every year.

Given its rapidly growing export volumes, the company exports to 22 countries, mainly to UK, Europe and Israel.

We continue to break new ground in the sector in Turkey.

The company of "firsts" within the tissue paper industry in Turkey.
  • The first private sector paper mill company
  • The first deinking technology facility
  • The first biological treatment facility
  • The first 3-ply toilet paper
  • The first value added functional products - “with aloe vera”, “with cotton”
  • The first “BRC CP” and “Hygienic Product GC Mark” certifications
  • The first private sector paper mill in the industry to be audited by a foreign-sourced audit firm and awarded the ISO 9001 certificate.
  • Turkey's first hygienic tissue paper production with recycled cellulose from beverage cartons with a brand new recycling technology investment; Recyfiber®