Sustainability in
Viking Paper

Since Viking Paper started reporting its carbon footprint in 2011 and water footprint in 2015, 33% and 37% reduction has been achieved respectively. It continues to expand its perspective that values the world through the innovation studies, improvements and investments.

Viking Paper which has been processing waste paper as an alternative raw material instead of cellulose obtained from depleted natural resources for many years added beverage cartons to its raw material range in 2022 as the first Turkish company in the tissue paper industry.

During the production of 1 ton of tissue paper, greenhouse gases equivalent to 1875 kg of CO2 are released into the air. This value is equivalent to releasing 1307 kg CO2 for recycled paper production. Thus, Viking Paper reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 568 kg of CO2 per ton in the production made from used beverage cartons.

Yaşar Sustainability Report

"As a member of the Yaşar Group, which considers sustainability as an integral part of its corporate strategy with its economic, social and environmental dimensions, we continue to contribute to the development of our brands and products in economic dimension, the sustainability through projects such as reducing carbon emissions and water footprint, and energy efficiency in the environmental dimension, society in the fields of corporate social responsibility activities, education, sports, culture and arts in the social sustainability dimension."

You can discover how we work for a more sustainable future for our world.

Recyfiber® is a revolutionary eco-friendly paper technology that gives used beverage carton packages a new life.

Viking Recyfiber has many benefits on our environment, society and economy.