Discover Recyfiber®

Beverage cartons are produced from layered and multi-purpose materials. On average, a Tetra Pak® beverage carton is made of 70% paperboard, 25% polymer and 5% aluminium.

What is Recyfiber®?

Recyfiber® is a brand new technology solution in the tissue paper industry.

Thanks to the advanced recycling technology of Viking Paper, cellulose fibers inside Tetra Pak® beverage carton packages are used in the tissue paper production. With Recyfiber® project, Viking Paper has consolidated its commitment to improving environmental sustainability and contributing to circular economy through the innovative and exclusive production.

The only one of its kind in Turkey.

The project is carried out in Izmir for the production of 100% eco-friendly paper reproduced from the recovery of cellulose fibers from Tetra Pak® beverage carton packages. The eco-friendly raw material that forms these new products is called Recyfiber®.

The system, which is a first in Turkey in the tissue paper industry, is in operation at Viking Paper's facility in İzmir Aliağa, with an annual capacity to convert 15.000 tons of beverage carton packages. In the last quarter of 2021, it was commissioned as a parallel and capacity increaser to Viking Paper's existing recycling facility.

How it is Obtained

1. Beverage carton packages are collected, sorted from various locations and brought to the facility.

2. The product layers are separated from each other in a particular manufacturing process with the latest technology. The system has been specially designed so that all raw materials other than cellulose can be extracted from the product efficiently.

3. Cellulose fibers, which are completely purified from polyethylene and aluminum layers, are now ready to be used for hygienic paper production.

4. These recovered fibers are used for the manufacture of 100% recycled paper in the desired weight and properties.